Job Hunting, Graduating and Moving

So it’s been a long, long while, I know, but there is much to tell.  Where to start?  Well I finally graduated!! What else? I’m employed!  I am the marketing administrative assistant for Samantha Rose pearl designs.  It’s a blessing to receive a job, in my field mind you, right out of college.  Honestly it was no easy task though.  The job hunt started in March and if it weren’t for a personal contact, I’d probably still be looking.  Just shows you the importance of the quintessential saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.”  Sad but true.  Now that I have job and financial security for awhile, I am working on expanding my professional network.  No job lasts forever and as I get older, my financial responsibilities will too and I cannot go through the stress of being out of a job again.  The constant rejection and faded email conversations make job hunting worse than dating.  Either way, I am very fortunate at the moment.  So what’s the next step now?

May 28
I’m Back!!

"American millionaires are up by 16% this year…this would be good news except they are former billionaires"

- Seth Meyers

Mar 17

If you asked me what I would be doing at work today, going to a Legal Marketing Associating luncheon was not on my mind.  There I was, 2 hours into my work day, when one of my colleagues asked me to take her place at this luncheon.  Apparently, she had double booked herself and did not cancel in time to get a refund.  So she figured that since it was already paid for, all might as well get someone else to enjoy the wisdom of the guest speaker.  Larry Bodine is a pronounced legal marketer who has some great insight on the art of marketing a law firm.  Happy to say that I learned something new and interesting.

Usually these luncheons are held within the law firms but this time it was directed toward a bigger audience, so it was held at the very top of the Bank of America building.  That would be the big, tall, green building in the Dallas Skyline.  Now let me tell you, I am loving every square foot of Downtown Dallas.  One would think that to transition to another building you would have to walk outside, wait at crosswalks, avoid traffic and breath in smog.  Well not here!  I was able to walk down to the main lobby of the Renaissance Tower, follow a little walkway and then be at the lobby of the Bank of America building without having to step outside.  It was like walking around in a mall with a food court every inch of the way.  Here am I thinking there is just a Starbucks and Potbelly’s, but there is SO MUCH MORE!  I won’t get into the portfolio of food since it’s unrelated to this matter.

So while making small talk, I happened to mention my affinity for NYC.  Its a personal thing to talk about your goals and dreams and it makes you vulnerable to the criticism of bubble bursters and cynics.  But that’s the risk you have to take; you never know who is listening and who holds the golden ticket.  Just so happens that there is a girl in the marketing group that has several contacts there!  I cant wait to talk to her about it and start forming a game plan.  In addition to that, I was told that there is a huge industry for legal marketing and that there are plenty of positions to apply for.  Finally another lead!!  Now I need to investigate what the Legal Marketing Association is all about.

Feb 18
First Luncheon and already 4 days in!

It’s no secret that I am a rational person who likes things to be carefully planned out and executed.  However, lately all I can think about is just packing my things and heading to NYC regardless of a job offer or not.  Whether I’ll actually do this?  Who knows? A lot can change in 3 months.  The thing is that you never know, nobody ever knows.  The reason I feel extra spontaneous is because I started thinking about all the resources that were exhausted while job hunting for my internship.  It’s almost like I need to try a whole different market in an entirely different metroplex and get a fresh new start.  The “job whore” title really starts to sink in; after all, even playboys have to broaden their horizons.  Once they have their go-around with a set, it’s not like they can rinse and repeat.  Maybe job and career searching is a different ball game, but if certain managers did not hire me as a intern….why would they hire me full-time?

Feb 12
In the words of Nike…Just do it!

So I’ve just realized….At the NCPA, my old desk was stationed right by a huge window where I could see downtown Dallas.  Being that my new office is in downtown, its legit to say that my old office could look into my new one.  Gives new meaning to the phrase “looking into the future.”  Dont you think?

Feb 10
A look into the future

My first two Comps will be this Saturday.  I’ll have leadership theory in the morning and account/ finance in the afternoon.  Lets do this!! I tell you, I am so ready to get this done!  After Feb. 20 (last exam day) my social life will pick up again.  Apprehension is still present since it hard to know what exactly will be expected, but I feel I’ve studied enough to tackle anything that comes my way.  At least thats what makes me sleep better

Feb 10
Comps in T minus 3 days!

Finally I can consider myself employed!!  I just finished my first day as the PR intern at Winstead Law Firm.  Nothing too out of the usual except it was slopping wet and freezing cold.  Everyone seems very nice and easy to work with and the office is gorgeous.  In lieu of my mom’s advice, no I have not met some young lawyers in which to flirt with.  Anyone coming from an office environment would agree when I say that the first people you should ever try to befriend are IT personnel.  When your computer freezes or a file gets deleted, you’re going to want some skilled ally on your side.  My theory was put to the test within the first few minutes of reaching my desk.  It would be my luck that my Outlook would refuse to retrieve my email information on the first try.  So I sit there dumbstruck trying various log-ins, when suddenly I get a mysterious call.  It was some guy Mike from the “helpdesk.”  He uses some hocus-pocus to activate my account and badabing badaboom it works!!!  I will never forget no-last-name-faceless Mike from IT.

Well that was my first day, can’t wait for the rest of the week!

Feb 8
First day at Winstead

To keep up the professionalism of the law firm… I was given a few guidelines about their dress code. Pretty much suits, collared button-ups and sweater sets are the big things. But what’s a sweater set? I’ve been thinking about it all weekend. First day in a week!! Better soak up this free time to study for comps. Bla

Feb 2
Work uniforms

I finally landed myself a job!!!  I will be the one and only PR intern at Winstead Law Firm.  This is so exciting!  Its in the heart of downtown in this huge high rise that has its own Starbucks, 3 delis, gift shop and convenience store.  This is probably typical to most commercial buildings….. but its new to me!  I love that I can walk out and be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of downtown Dallas.  Being able to see the trams and metros whiz by and hordes of people crossing the street here and there.  Its not exactly NYC, but its enough to get me through the last months of my semester.  Its hard to say where this next step will lead me.  There are no guarantees of a job but maybe there of some valuable contacts.  We will see.

Jan 29

"The economy is so bad, even Mr. Moneybanks from Monopoly is selling himself on the Boardwalk."

- Stephen Colbert

Jan 28